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Beaufort Area Transit System

Location: 1534 West Fifth Street, Washington, NC 27889
Mailing Address: 1534 West Fifth Street, Washington, NC 27889
Phone: 252-946-5778
Fax: 252-946-0010
Manager: Gray Hodges
Phone: 252-946-5778

Services Provided

For the hearing impaired, please call the
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The Beaufort Area Transit System was established to meet the general public, special needs of the elderly, persons with disabilities, and disadvantaged persons for whom mass transportation services are unavailable, insufficient or inappropriate. Beaufort Area Transit was developed through a partnership between Beaufort County and the NC Department of Transportation, when the Beaufort County Developmental Center agreed to serve as the county’s lead transportation agency.

Beaufort Area Transit is a coordinated rural transportation system made up of four, twelve passenger conversion vans, one minivan, four lift equipped vans, one eighteen passenger bus with lift, one twenty four passenger bus and one 10 passenger LTV with lift.

The system provides transportation to citizens in small towns and rural areas of the county. The system provides rural residents with access to employment, education, social events, medical and recreational activities.

Beaufort Area Transit serves everybody by providing transportation to:

  • Nutritional sites for meals
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Sources of medical treatment
  • Drug Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Work
  • Class/School
  • Shopping Malls


General Public Schedule

Batts Fare Schedule for Rural General Public Transportation

Mission Statement:

It is the goal of the Beaufort Area Transit System program to provide or coordinate safe, reliable transportation in a courteous manner at the convenient times to the citizens of Beaufort County. Our overriding goal is to provide services to every citizen in need. We are committed to ensuring that services are cost effective, affordable, and accessible. If you have questions or concerns please call 252-946-5778.

Beaufort Area Transit is a division of the Beaufort County Developmental Center, Inc. Beaufort Area Transit is instrumental in helping BCDC accomplish its mission to empower citizens with disabilities.

Driver Qualifications

Beaufort Area Transit drivers are trained and certified by the NC Department of Transportation. They have received certification in First Aid and CPR from the American Red Cross.

Our Pledge

As a service provider it is our intent to treat all passengers with respect and courtesy, and to operate a user friendly mode of transportation to the citizens of Beaufort County. If you have questions or concerns please call 252-946-5778 or email

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